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  • Program Description
    Build your event website from scratch on your own.
  • Program Feature
    Unlimited events with subscribed solution.
  • Suitable For
    Suitable for agents run many events or routine events with one platform to manage all the data.
  • Budget Reference
    0-8,000元 / 活動
  • Templates
    Fixed Template
  • Usage
  • Features
    All basic features
  • Custom Features
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  • Based on event types to choose templates and add custom features.
  • Different template styles, limit budget but unique event site style. Also able to extend with additional features.
  • Suitable for specific features and basic brand image, also able to extend the features of event site.
  • 8,000 - 60,000 元/活動
  • Selected Templates
  • Single Use
  • Based on template
  • Yes
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  • Based on client needs, provide customization features and all exist events functions.
  • Provide best effect for brand images. Interactive feature and plugins install possibility.
  • Suitable for full customize events. Not only provide custom features, also all of the features on Meetstat are able to be install on your website.
  • 60,000 元以上 / 活動
  • Customize
  • Customize
  • Customize
  • Yes
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