Your Personal Event Manage Assistant

Event registration, check in solution, interactive technology, event website and app customization.

Registration Site Customization

Diverse event site templates and customization solutions.

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meetstat 活動管理系統 meetstat 活動管理系統 meetstat 活動管理系統 meetstat 活動管理系統 meetstat 活動管理系統
Event Management Software
Acquire Newest Data
Registration Status
Personalized Agenda
Know better about your attendees.
Variety of Event Customize System

Dashboard with real-time key indicators, monitoring your event status.

Check attendees registration status any time, any place.

Modify the event's information once client request, no need to afraid of speakers replacement or emergency, change immediately.

Customized your own questionnaire and edit every top of it, including receiving customers' feedback.

Variety of event system customization, boost you and clients event.

Online Meeting Solution
Online Meeting
Webinar - Online Seminar

Online meeting solution, make it easy to connect your clients around the world. Also provide attendee’s record and moderator associate features for you to explore.

Online seminar solution, much like Youtuber and other live streaming mechanism. Including same quality as your seminar, also able to playback at same site after event and more audience you might not reach before!

meetstat 活動管理系統
Easy check-in process
QRCode Registration
Fast and secure.
Self Check-In Kiosk.
Comfort check-in process
By using facial recognition to check-in
attendees don’t need to find their tickets
the most lightweight solution